Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

RK, through TS presents the elimination of rodents within apartments and the sealing of openings after construction/contracting is complete. We place an extra barrier of security to keep the pests out.

In New York Metropolitan area, there are numerous amounts of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) in progress. Some are targeted for low-income families, while others are targeted for middle and upper-income families. Rodents don't care about income levels. They live comfortably, safely, and securely within locations where their predators can't harm then in any way.

As it is commonly known, Contractors (electricians, plumbers, and others) don't totally close holes in apartment buildings. The residents initially don't find a problem with insects and/or rodents until three (3) months or more has passed and now there are pests and other problems to contend with.

TS approaches those properties under renovations with its quick strike capabilities, coordinated strategies, and organized work effort that allows RK employees to approach providing Solid Solutions in every procedure with its goal to reach 0% population in every apartment and location serviced.

Allow RK through TS to immediately address your open ports of entry to eliminate your pest problems or just to close holes made by contractors.

                          TS Delivers The Finishing Touch To Capital Investments