Elimination & Control

RK offers three (3) different services to satisfy pests.

Each has its own unique methods of providing the pest control and pest elimination sought.

IPM is connected to insects and/or rodent pest through Monthly Maintenance for pest control. Meanwhile IPES has  been recognized for its 95%- 98% success rate and TS has rapid Solid Solutions; both in connection with Pest Elimination.

When service is applied, it produces swift and secure results to rid pest infestations. It provides a varied approach to reach the 0% population desired by the buying public through rapid service that combines the S.W.A.T. and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TEAM concept.

Once the pest population is reduced to 0% all services end. It provides a Six (6) month Limited Written Guarantee After All Services Have Been Completed. IPM, IPES, and/or TS can be used separately or in combination.

Example one, IPES can be used to bring the insect and/or rodent population to 0% and IPM can be used to maintain that 0% population.

Example two, TS can be used to rapidly reduce insect and/or rodent population and the pest control previously servicing the property can remain.

Example three, IPM can be used for Monthly Maintenance, if and when the desire is to provide residents with a routine service to control pests.

At RK, we offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Same-Day Service (after inspection)
  • Guaranteed Elimination
  • Helpful Tips on Prevention

We make no apologies for COMPLETE RODENT ELIMINATION!!!

We make no apologies for COMPLETE RODENT ELIMINATION!!!