Is mice and rat elimination possible?

Yes, once repairs to the physical structure and sanitary conditions are adequately satisfied, and the appropriate amount of chemicals, special lures, and mechanical devices are in place; rat and mice elimination can be achieved.

Aren't mice just baby rats? What is the difference between the two?

No, though baby rats and adult mice may appear similar, they are actually different species. The Norway rat,genus rattus norvegivus,  is common to this region. Baby rats have small eyes and ears compared to their head and body size. Their tails are shorter than the length of their bodies. From the body their tails starts out thicker and become thinner. The house mouse, genus mus musculus, have large ears and eyes in comparison to their head and body. Their tails are the same length as their bodies.

Can rats and mice exist within the same location?

Yes, normally when rats encounter mice they eat them. In the kitchen area, mice are protected from rats by living in the stoves while rats live in the walls.

Is there a difference between rat elimination and mice elimination?

Yes, mice a re nibblers (take small amount of food) and can travel over 60 feet from their nesting locations to their food source where they may consume food as little as once a month while absorbing their water requirement from their food source. They are usually found in apartments or compactors. Mice can be killed in a single treatment or it may take multiple feeding attempts.

Rats are generally found in basements and in apartment walls, usually traveling 200 feet or further for food. Rats are stationary feeders that will sit in one location to consume their food and water requirement. Rats needs several feedings to bring about their death.

Can an apartment maintain a pest-free environment if the surrounding apartments aren't exterminated?

Yes, it is possible to have a pest-free environment without servicing the adjacent apartments, as long as there are no holes, cracks or crevices that allow entry, sanitation is maintained and proper pest control chemicals are applied for prevention.

Is it possible for NYC rid itself of rats?

No, not at this time, while under the current mindset. The bureaucracy is set on control, not elimination. For years, the policies for handling pest issues are based on the pacification of pest infestations and not serious tactics necessary for its eradication. The pest industry standard for dealing with pests is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) where the goal is pacification, not Elimination.