In the NYC Metropolitan Area, mice live with no fear of predators.

RK's MICE ELIMINATION PROGRAM is a comprehensive system designed to produce a genocidal effect (0% population) in one (1) application. 

The first part of the service involves a thorough assessment of the mice  infested location to adequately determine the variety of factors allowing for mice survival and advancement.

Mice assessment procedures use several techniques including the searching of the entire location for holes and other conditions needed for mice survival, etc shelter (harborage), food sources within a reasonable range and safety from predators. After all factors that allow for mice infestations to exist are taken into account; then a plan of action is determined. A proposal is sent to the customer for their approval. The document is sectioned to explain what was found, their responsibilities, and our responsibilities to fulfill the mice elimination procedure.

With the location properly prepared for service, applications of rodenticide are applied within openings and professionally sealed. In other locations, mechanic and special lures are used as food sources for mice to eat. Mice will eat through the rodenticide to reach the lure. Within two (2) weeks to one (1) month the mice are killed, thus removing the need for constant re-treatment.

In the NYC Metropolitan Area, mice live in no fear of their natural predators, not even humans. Humanity has and is changing the balance of nature by providing mice with a safe haven; where food, water, and shelter are available and are adequate

Some people use their house cats to defend their home only to find that those cats are fed cat food and will kill mice for sport, only to bring their kills to the pet parents as trophies.


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