IN NYC, rats have no natural predators to keep their population in check, except Rodent Killers.

With aging building structures producing cracks and holes with contractors making, but not professionally closing them, and the negligent maintenance personnel, rats enter structures and grounds to live and produce offspring.

RK's Rat Elimination Program understands that the eradication process must be systematic and holistic in nature that incorporates numerous multi-leveled structured procedures leading rat populations toward 100% total rat elimination.

By utilizing a thorough assessment that considers rat culture, environment, behavior, and desires to breed, RK targets other basic needs for survival. 

RK's inspection includes the investigation of the interior and exterior of entire building surfaces to discover if any holes are found. Once discovered openings are professionally serviced and sealed.

Through chemicals, physical trapping devices, renovation of physical environments, and the education of all involved the desired 0% rat population level can be reached and maintained including private homes, residents, management or ownership, and maintenance.



Frequently Asked Questions

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