TROUBLESHOOTERS (TS) functions as a combination S.W.A.T. and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE TEAM that focuses its resources and expertise on the elimination of:

  • Rats
  • Mice

...while providing a Six (6) Months Limited Written Guarantee.

TS is the inspired efforts of Nana Kojo Ayesu, owner of Kojo's Pest Elimination Company, LLC (KOJOS) and Rodent Killers (RK).

Since his entry into the pest industry, he strived to provide services that solve pest problems and not pacify them and TS is the answer.

He combined his knowledge and experience by owning and operating a construction, contracting, moving and cleaning company with the NYS pest industry standard, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to produce Integrated Pest Elimination Services.


The success of this variety of services allows KOJOS/RK to provide its customers with a Six (6) month limited written guarantee.

Why should ridding a property/home of rodents be any different than ridding cancer from a person?

Any invading organism that injures a person's health, home, property or body, needs to be removed, disabled or destroyed. To RK there is no real difference between cancer of the body and rodent invasions of property in this example.

The proper procedures  leading to both cures have a similar route toward  a solution:

  1. A thorough assessment
  2. Evaluation of findings by educated and experience personnel
  3. Initial plan of action
  4. Complete plan of action
  5. Present findings and procedures to cure the customer
  6. Send customer preparation information
  7. Schedule service
  8. Service
  9. After service



For most property or home owners, their homes are usually their most valued asset. They want $olid $olitions that provide permanent remedies, rather than temporary services or quick fixes with no resolutions in sight. They also desire to save as much money as possible to maintain the health, value, and safety of their properties.


They money lost on temporary/repeat pest control services in the attempt to control pests often appears at a lower price point and offers no guarantees. Although it may give the impression to be a good deal, there is no end in sight, only more treatments. Over a long time, the amount of money spent will continue with no solution in sight.


TS views the successful eradication of rodent infestations through our highly evolved procedures as the cure to the cancer of rodent infestations. Although the service begins at a slightly higher initial price point, it provides a more comprehensive remedy. 

Once rodents are eliminated, there is no further need for consistent repeat services and the distinct and long-lasting remedy saves customers a tremendous amount of money in the long run.


Many companies advertise that they offer to their customers a similar type of service as TS. This might be true, then as a paying customer, you should also offer a Six (6) months Limited Written Guarantee on all services performed to back-up their claims. Ask said company for viable and accessible references, including addresses and telephone numbers that the potential can visit. 


TS has achieved a success rate of over 90% for the past four (4) years as compared to the regional and national average for pest control companies in the United States.

There are no substitutes for:

  • accurate and specify knowledge
  • hard work and following the procedures
  • experience and confidence 
  • willingness to re-assess problem
  • a passion for excellence
  • credible reputation

...for 45 years of service.

Across the nation, neighborhoods are being overrun by rodent infesations.

NYS and NYC agencies produce contracts with the goals called, "competitive bidding." This process forces pest companies to focus their efforts on giving "the lowest price to win the bid and get paid," and "not provide a guarantee service." The best qualified company, not the best company usually wins.

NYS and NYC agencies, and most consumers assume that all NYS certified pest professionals use similar chemicals, mechanic devices, and were taught by NYS instructors, then it's safe to assume that the services provided should be similar.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Troubleshooters Pest Elimination Services (TS) solves pest infestation issues by providing, $olid $olutions and giving a Six (6)  Months Limited Written Guarantee to the private sector with very few callbacks.

The goal of low bid programs have companies, Placing a Bandage Over a Bullet Wound. With bandage in place, the bleeding may be stopping for a moment, but the blood will continue to pour if the bullet is not removed and wound remains open.